lunes, 16 de abril de 2007

My talents

I consider myself asa multifaceted person with a lot of talents.

I love playing tennis, it's my hobby and I do it since I was 6years old, I remember my first racquet; a little pink one with a bighead. I feel great when I'm playing a match because I lovecompetition and I like to win, unfortunately I don't always do mybest and I lose, but I think It's part of the game and as a goodplayer I can accept when I lose.I also love acting.I start acting when I was 11 years old, in a group called "NiñosActores del Zulia" at Bellas Artes theatre, before beginning in thatgroup I always went to the theatre just to watch what the other kidswere doing and teachers started saying me "come on, join us! Seemslike you want to act too!"My first performance was in "Hogar de Travesuras" a comedy forkids, I interpreted the bad little girl who became an angel at theend of the play. Three years later I joined to the Bellas Artesactors' company, and I began in a group of older people "TEA", Ihelped in the production of a play called "Factoria 9L" and "Elenfermo Imaginario" .My favorite play is "El mago de Oz" because It represented a bigchallenge to us and thanks to our hard work we had the opportunityto travel around the country showing people the importance ofkeeping alive the real way of acting, Theatre.

I met two new friends

In this class i met two new friends:

Zaideli Rodriquez, she's from Lagunillas, she's a student fromCommunication school. She's 18 years old. She lives in Maracaibo, inPalaima.She loves dancing she enjoys listening music and she likes to sing alot.She doesn't like to cook and she hates doing the dishesHer dream is to graduate from communication and she wants to be asinger one day.She thinks English is so important for people, in her opinionEnglish is easy and she wants to discover all details about thislanguage in this class.

And Maria Gabriela Garcia, everybody calls her picolina, she's from Coro, she's a student fromcommunication school too. She's 16 years old. She's living inMaracaibo but sometimes she goes to Coro to visit her family.She loves classic Rock and Roll, she enjoys every kind of movies andto drink a coffee in Los Andes. She likes to read sometimes a goodbook.She doesn't like doing the dishes, she hates war and lies.Her dreams is to travel around the world, she wants to graduate withhonours and she wants to work for an international notice companyone day.She loves English!

A mexican Celebration!

Mexico is a country in North America.
It is a south of the United States.
In Mexico, Christmas starts with
It’s a nine-day celebration.

Start with the candlelight parades and parties.
Children put on play the trip of Mary and Joseph.

At the parties, there piñatas filled with fruit, candy, nuts and small gifts. The children try to hit it with their eyes covered.
Many families eat tamales, and rice. Tamales are from corn. Children drink hot chocolate.
Them the poinsettia blooms during the Christmas season. These plants grow in Mexico. January 6 is the Day of the Kings and the children receive more presents.

My Diet

I eat so much specially chips, bread with butter, cheese, candies and every food cooking with a lot of oil.
I eat junky food like pizza or burgers almost every day, but I also eat healthy food! I love potatoes, carrots and broccoli.
I like almost every kind of food but I hate fish because I’m not use to eat it and his smell is terrible to me, I also hate milk because I think it’s like white water…
I usually eat eggs and fruits but I think I should eat them more frequently.
I love eating beef and chicken, I must admit I eat a lot of chips and candies! But I think I have a healthy diet, I just need to eat fish and milk!

My favorite...

My favourite Celebration of the year is Carnival; I enjoy it a lot because I play with water with

my cousins and I costume myself. But my favourite month of the year is august (not just

because is my birthday) because it’s vacations! And I usually go to the beach with my family.
My favourite day of the week it’s Monday, yeah I know it’s weird, but I like it because I see it like a new beginning, a day to start a good week.

Sometimes I’m worry because of my health due to I usually fall sick, so even if I love junk food, playing tennis or playing with water I must to be careful with my health.

At the Drugstore

This is part of a conversation from level 2!

Piko: hello? There’s anyone in here?
Me: I’m coming sis!
Piko: sis?
Me: yeah! We are sisters, what can I do for you little sis?
Piko: right uhmn I need miobid
Me: right on sis! You don’t want anything else?
Piko: uhm no, just 2 of miobid.
Me: you don’t want some white material?
Piko: no I don’t!
Me: you don’t know what you are losing!
Piko: I don’t care! Bye!


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